Zip Lining In Your Backyard

Zipline Kit

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Zip lining is all kinds of fun, especially when you’re bored and have nothing else to do. A zipline kit comes with a strong cable and fittings for it, a trolley, and something you can clip on to. If the kit is more extensive, you’d have harnesses and helmets along with the other things. It’s better to buy the last two from a store, after trying out for size. Make sure that the cable you buy is of good quality, and so is the trolley. You’ll have to spend more on stronger, faster kits.

How are Professional and Backyard kits different?

Professional zipline kit makers usually emphasize on their product being fit for commercial installations, while backyard kits are meant for fixing somewhere in your home. Aircraft cable sizes of 3/8 to 7/8 are use in zipline kit. Sometimes when the line is kept a bit slack, it’s safer to have a smaller zip line. A thicker cable is worth more because of the safety it assures, which is because it considers a higher safety factor (number of times the possible load). Also, you can be sure of a smoother ride with something like this. It’s important to calculate and implant the right length of rope when setting up the line.

‘Hold on’ Kits vs ‘Harness in’ Kits

Harnesses And Helmets

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It’s safer to use the ‘Harness in’ method to install your zipline kit. Place the gates and locks correctly so people won’t use the zipline without supervision. This is a danger especially when you’re not at home, so guard against it. Having harnesses doesn’t guarantee that people will use them right. You need to decide what risks you’re willing to take with regards to people’s safety, and that probably includes your family as well. A ‘hold on’ zipline might suffice, if you keep it closer to the ground, and don’t have a problem with someone falling off occasionally.

The best residential zipline systems stretch up to 500 feet in length, hold up to 450 pounds of weight, and have brakes, which slow down your movement within the last 25 feet. The whole experience can be even more fun if you have a carabiner and other climbing gear to go with your basic setup. You could stay conservative with this, if you have small kids at home, but adults will surely need something more substantial. Anyway, place safety first at all times.