Zipline Kits For Kids

Zipline Kit

         Zipline Adventure Kits

Zipline kit is for the adventure seeking kids. If you find that your kid is into adventure sports, zipline can prove to be the best gift to boost the adventure seeker in him or her. These kits can help you turn your backyard into a thrill-zone.

If you have two strong trees in your backyard, then you can make it your playground with the help of the zipline kits that are available in the market. It is very much easy to set up and your kids will be zipping in no time! They can just straddle the adjustable seat of the steel trolley, grab the grip handles with power and go in the air.

Aside from the immense fun factor that this kit offers, the zipline help your children to improve their athleticism, strength, and balance. The zipline kit will allow your kid to fly safely a few feet above the ground. It is very easy to set up the zipline. All the kits include hardware and detailed instructions to set it up. If you wish, you can remove the seat to offer a more daring experience. You will be able to install the zipline kit in under 30 minutes with help from another adult.

You will have to add the Bungee Brake Kit if you need the trolley to zip to a gradual stop. Inside the kit, you will be able to find a hard plastic block, 15-foot bungee shock cord, and two U clamps. It is important that the installation be done by adults as the kit should be attached to a secondary object like a tree at the end of the zipline. The varieties of zipline kits that are available in the market are listed below.

40-Foot Zipline

This 40-Foot Zipline kit includes 40′ of 3/16″ stainless steel cable and is capable of holding upto 150 lbs.

70-Foot Zipline

This includes 70′ of 3/16″ stainless steel cable and can hold up to 200 lbs.

90-Foot Zipline

70-Foot Zipline

          Zipline Kits For Kids

This kit includes 90′ of 3/16″ stainless steel cable and is capable of holding 200 lbs. This kit is meant exclusively for children above the age of eight.

Zipline kits are ideal for fun loving kids and it is very easy to set them up. The instructions can be followed very easily. Gift one to your child to provide unlimited hours of adventure and fun.